Morchem sp. z o. o. is a company that was established with the aim of creating a modern and reliable partner for our clients. A company that provides services in the field of supply and sale of chemical raw materials based on its own transport resources, stable suppliers and many years of experience of our employees in the chemical industry. We are convinced that the combination of these aspects guarantees the success and satisfaction of our clients, which is our main motto in the philosophy of doing business in the current, difficult market environment.

Partnership, reliability in providing services to our clients and credibility are the mottos that guided the founder of Morawiec Transport for over last 30 years of activity on the domestic and European market. Morchem sp. z o.o. which belongs to Morawiec group companies will follow the same path of values and attributes of cooperation with our customers in order to achieve mutual benefits. Our company’s activities are long-term, hence we perceive our relationships with customers through the aspect of mutual benefits in the long run. We believe that only the “win-win” business is the key to beneficial success of both Parties.

Our fleet consists of five trucks with the EURO6 fuel consumption standard along with tanks with a capacity of 34m3 meeting ADR L4BH standards for the transport of chemical products, including:

  • sodium hydroxide solutions,
  • potassium hydroxide solutions,
  • sulfuric acid 96%,
  • nitric acid 55-65%,
  • phosphoric acid solutions.

Morchem Monitoring of Deliveries

GPS remote monitoring system provided by one of the Morawiec group companies: LeonSystem. Through the link, it allows you to locate the vehicle and the transported cargo in a web browser. At the client’s request, we provide a unique link to our recipient.